halloween bookshelf

Whoever had the idea for Halloween should have been given an award. Dressing up like whatever you want? Check. People passing out free candy? Check. An excuse to see your friends and stay up late? Check. Halloween can do no wrong. But, after a long night of trick-or-treating, when you’re cold and wet and you need to relax, what to do? Visit your bookshelf, of course!

Jupiter’s Top Five Halloween Reads (For Young Adults)

  1. Throne Of Glass series- If you haven’t read Sarah J Maas yet, you need to. Right now. She spins worlds that are totally believable, and you’ll get so caught up in the drama you won’t even sleep. Her characters are flawed but lovable, and the banter will make you laugh aloud. However, there’s a real terrifying side. Murder, spying, creatures from other realms… Throne of Glass has it all. If you want a sophisticated yet chilling story, Sarah has just the book for you.
  2.  The Fifth Wave- This book scared me while reading it, and it was during broad daylight. Rick Yancey tells us about the alien invasion with precise details and secrecy that will leave you confused and wondering until the end. Bonus? There are multiple sequels AND it’s set to be a movie next year. Read this book at night for enough spooks to keep you awake. And if you happen to be an alien, the Fifth Wave will give you the perfect way to invade the earth successfully. You’ve been warned.
  3. Unwind series- Can you say dystopia? Neal Shusterman, an author of loads of books, writes about a society where people can have their body parts harvested for the use of others if they are seen as a blot on society, or if your parents don’t like you. People are made from bits-and-parts of other people, which provokes some creepy imaginings. While dystopia’s been a bit overdone lately, Unwind definitely makes the short-list of scary things to read this year.
  4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children- If you like the creeping, asylum-style horror then Ransom Riggs has written a book that you need to read. Now. Time-loops, creepy powers, imaginary creatures that kill people… The list goes on. If that’s not enough, it’s soon going to be a movie directed by Tim Burton, the actual king of terrifying movies. Just make sure you don’t start hallucinating afterward.
  5. Rotters- Grave robbers. Daniel Kraus writes a brilliant story about grave robbers, and need I say any more? The Halloween spirit is strong with this one. While it wasn’t something I loved (Because I’m NOT a horror girl) it was definitely a home-run for anybody seeking a scare. Note: Do not read if you live near a graveyard.

That’s a wrap, folks! A mummy wrap! *canned laughter* For creeps and spooks, hunker down under some blankets and get reading. Comment if you read/enjoyed any of these, because I love hearing about it!


Jupiter xx


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