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November is such a snuggly month. It makes me happy, to be honest, and I have all sorts of autumn-y november stuff to do. It’s national novel writing month, for starters. For me, that means I have an excuse to hole up in my room and aimlessly write until my dog thinks I’m dead because I haven’t fed her yet. November is an amazing month to read as well, as the weather here is less than desirable. It’s also a HUGE month for book releases. Nature is beautiful in the fall, and if you can work around the weather you can get some good shots. And beyond that, oversized clothing is now socially acceptable to wear once more! Here are my upcoming faves…

This month, I’m incredibly excited to read Queen of Shadows, the new book in Sarah J Mass’ Throne of Glass amazingness. And I know it came out last month, but I’ve had such a struggle getting ahold of it… I’ve just read Heir of Fire to get me back in the mood. As a bonus, this series also featured on my halloween faves list last week. Also this month,  the wait is over for Lunar Chronicles fans- Winter is coming out! November 10th, to be exact. I love the world (and the romances) that Marissa Meyer creates and I’m beyond psyched to return to it a little later this month.

As far as photography goes, October and November are perfect. All the beauty of fall, without the bitter bite that comes with winter. The colors are lovely as well, the reds and oranges blending with creams and browns to make a gorgeous, cozy nature-y palette. November is also a great month for beginner photographers, because there’s enough natural beauty to distract from composition and picture quality. Just get outside and start clicking. I guarantee something will turn out good. And if you know how to work a camera, your autumn pictures will turn out amazing.

Fall fashion is the perfect in-between. You don’t yet need to forgo your cute clothes in favor of warmth and anti-frostbite, but it isn’t so warm that you’ll melt. Darker and more earthy colors are in, and coats are definitely a real expression of style. Speaking of, I need a trenchcoat (but I’m too short to pull one off). My personal favorite, sweaters are finally back! I look forward to a month of floppy sleeves, boots, and leggings. I’ve just cleaned out my closet as well, and that warrants another trip out shopping… And I’m far too excited about that. I’ll write a post soon about where I’ve gone and what I got.

I think it’s fair to say that November has got me excited. Stay warm, kids. Drink hot cocoa, roast a marshmallow, jump in a pile of leaves. And Thanksgiving, for American friends. There’s a lot to be thankful for.

Until next time-

Jupiter xx

halloween bookshelf

Whoever had the idea for Halloween should have been given an award. Dressing up like whatever you want? Check. People passing out free candy? Check. An excuse to see your friends and stay up late? Check. Halloween can do no wrong. But, after a long night of trick-or-treating, when you’re cold and wet and you need to relax, what to do? Visit your bookshelf, of course!

Jupiter’s Top Five Halloween Reads (For Young Adults)

  1. Throne Of Glass series- If you haven’t read Sarah J Maas yet, you need to. Right now. She spins worlds that are totally believable, and you’ll get so caught up in the drama you won’t even sleep. Her characters are flawed but lovable, and the banter will make you laugh aloud. However, there’s a real terrifying side. Murder, spying, creatures from other realms… Throne of Glass has it all. If you want a sophisticated yet chilling story, Sarah has just the book for you.
  2.  The Fifth Wave- This book scared me while reading it, and it was during broad daylight. Rick Yancey tells us about the alien invasion with precise details and secrecy that will leave you confused and wondering until the end. Bonus? There are multiple sequels AND it’s set to be a movie next year. Read this book at night for enough spooks to keep you awake. And if you happen to be an alien, the Fifth Wave will give you the perfect way to invade the earth successfully. You’ve been warned.
  3. Unwind series- Can you say dystopia? Neal Shusterman, an author of loads of books, writes about a society where people can have their body parts harvested for the use of others if they are seen as a blot on society, or if your parents don’t like you. People are made from bits-and-parts of other people, which provokes some creepy imaginings. While dystopia’s been a bit overdone lately, Unwind definitely makes the short-list of scary things to read this year.
  4. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children- If you like the creeping, asylum-style horror then Ransom Riggs has written a book that you need to read. Now. Time-loops, creepy powers, imaginary creatures that kill people… The list goes on. If that’s not enough, it’s soon going to be a movie directed by Tim Burton, the actual king of terrifying movies. Just make sure you don’t start hallucinating afterward.
  5. Rotters- Grave robbers. Daniel Kraus writes a brilliant story about grave robbers, and need I say any more? The Halloween spirit is strong with this one. While it wasn’t something I loved (Because I’m NOT a horror girl) it was definitely a home-run for anybody seeking a scare. Note: Do not read if you live near a graveyard.

That’s a wrap, folks! A mummy wrap! *canned laughter* For creeps and spooks, hunker down under some blankets and get reading. Comment if you read/enjoyed any of these, because I love hearing about it!


Jupiter xx

introductions, featuring disney

I hate getting-to-know yous. I hate random and irrelevant questions about what letter your name starts with and random fruits and animals and colors. I hate walking into a room and having to play an awkward “name-game” (in which my name is butchered). It gets even worse when it involves throwing things- my coordination is lacking. I can’t answer on the spot questions very well either… I once told a room of people that I painted a cat purple because it was the first thing I thought of. You can probably see why I don’t enjoy these games much. They always seemed just pointless, and like a very stilted way to start a relationship. Don’t be friends with the purple-cat girl! So here on the Literary Palace, I’m going to start off with all sorts of real, true and relevant things about me.

I’m writing this blog on a relatively anonymous basis, so you can call me Jupiter (I really love the sky, okay?). I’d like to tell you that I’m super successful and I have like a gazillion dollars and a pool made of gold and a pet whale, but then I’d be lying and that’s not the best way to start a reader relationship. I’m a student, a girl, I don’t have a pool (but I’ve got a hot tub, so that’s lovely), and I have a dog who’s semi-psychotic but mostly pretty cute. I’m also a nerdy bookworm who gets way too into fictional stories. Feel free to write me “ASDFGHJKL” because I’m fluent in fangirl. And I can speak a bit of French. I have a few friends, and they’ll all get cool code names to stay anonymous. I love dressing up and hot cocoa and rainstorms and the color blue and singing in the shower. I’m claustrophobic and I hate leaving messes but I also hate cleaning them up. I don’t wear socks most of the time, except when it’s necessary, and I make pasta for fun. I’m oddish and awkward and funny and strange all at once and sometimes I love it.

So come here if you like reading, because I love talking about books. Come here if you like fashion because I’ll show you some pictures of what I like to wear and hopefully we can trade. Come here if you like pictures, and you like capturing moments of the world in your camera. Come here if you love life, and you want to share your beautiful moments with somebody else. Come here if life’s got you down, because it does that to everyone, and that includes me. I’m always here. Come here if you want to spend some time, and learn how to do life a little easier with each other. Welcome to the Literary Palace, you lot, and I hope you’ll stick around.

If you’re reading this (do people actually read this??) and you feel the same sometimes, let me know down in the comments. This is a cozy corner of the internet and completely safe. If you’re crazy enough to read this, I’ll dedicate a batch of cupcakes in your honour. You’re pretty cool. If you came here because you mistook it for a cooler site, I can’t blame you. Leave a comment if you find it. If you came here to be a rude hater, dishonour on your cow. Take your hate somewhere else. I’m handing you the key to a pretty cool place, as long as you believe in it. Okay, that sounded really corny. And a bit like I work at Disney. I sincerely apologise. Dreams come true, kids!

Signing off,

Jupiter xx